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So how lucky are you?

Computers are great when they work, but when they don’t, it’s like losing your right arm. Our BusinessCare package will give you real peace of mind – a cliché we know but true.

NYCOM recognises that not everyone’s I.T. support needs are the same and do not fit within a pre-determined model, so we build bespoke levels of support that enhance your business, your workforce and working patterns.  Our trained engineers will fix the issue by either remote access (we have the latest toys, we mean software at our disposal), or failing that we will get in the Bat Mobile and come and see you to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Joking apart, we understand that I.T. systems are the infrastructure of businesses and without them can be crippling for a business or at the very least very inconvenient and costly, our I.T. support options will make sure you are supported. It makes no difference If you’re one user, or have thousands of users, we’re always here for you.

In addition to emergencies, when you have our BusinessCARE package, we will also do regular checks to pre-empt any issues and keep your I.T. system up to date and running quickly and smoothly with software upgrades and routine checks and housekeeping.

Managed I.T.

As York’s leading I.T. support company, we offer you the expertise and reliability for a fixed monthly cost that will benefit both your business and the end user whilst also boosting productivity levels throughout your business.  Our managed I.T. support services help bridge the gap between the capacity of an internal I.T. department and the increasing demand for cutting edge business I.T. support using specialist technologies.

Our BusinessCare support contracts have strict Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), this provides reassurance that issues logged with our Support Desk will always be dealt with within the specified timeframe and customer service levels are consistently high.

Managed I.T.

Remote Support

Many businesses are now choosing to offer employees a more flexible remote/hybrid working environment.  This brings many challenges to both businesses and their employees, our remote I.T. support ensure your business is supported no matter the location of your workforce.

We are here to assist those businesses whose workforces need a quick and efficient response when technical issues arise. Our remote support connection is completely secure ensuring you will be able to see what our engineers are doing on your computer at all times and you can revoke control from us or terminate a support session at any time. We have policies in place to protect you against breaches of privacy and to define the appropriate use of our remote assistance technology.

remote support

Whether you have outgrown your current office space or are moving to a new location, ensuring your I.T. infrastructure gets safely from one place to another presents logistical and security challenges that are often beyond most businesses.

NYCOM can migrate all your equipment easily to ensure that all computers, accessories, servers, and other hardware are placed in the same configurations in your new space. If you have hazardous trailing cables in the workplace or need us to clean up cables in your data centre or comms cabinets, give us a call, we can relocate these by labelling and re-installing your cables in their new location.

As part of your move, you may need to wipe data from your hard drives. By adhering to national and international privacy regulations and safeguarding employee rights, we can ensure this data has been properly removed.  We can also handle the safe recycling and disposal of your old I.T. equipment, ensuring all your important data has been sufficiently wiped before we dispose of it.

Like all our I.T. services, each solution is scalable. You can request as little or as much as your business needs require.

office moves & i.t. relocation

I.T. Consultancy

No matter the size of your business, we offer consultancy services to a whole range of customers from all sectors of industry.  We will help you get the most out of your I.T. and can advise on the best technology solutions to meet your specific business needs, not just for now, but to accommodate the needs of your future roadmap ensuring you never get left behind in this fast-paced technological world.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we know what to watch out for and we’ll ask you all the right questions to ensure you’re covered.

i.t. consultancy

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