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At Nycom we believe every business is different and every I.T. system we design is different so that it meets your exact business needs. We can supply everything from a one-off computer, printer or laptop to a full server based integrated system with multiple users on multiple sites.

We will help you improve your network agility, reduce your costs and limit the stress and hassle of the complexity leaving you safe in the knowledge you are in good hands.


Our digital world continues to expand daily and the ever-increasing world I.T. security threats provide businesses of all sizes constant challenges to keep their data from being misused or systems breaking down. I.T. security threats were at an all-time high pre-pandemic and since the introduction of remote working, the threats and risks continue to grow at a rapid rate.  Many businesses are left navigating these waters where they may not have the right equipment or knowledge to protect themselves. NYCOM offers a wide range of cyber security solutions to provide protection from those attempting to disrupt your business.

Network Services

With our highly qualified I.T. engineers, we take great pride in our installation services.  Whether you are looking to set up a new network, want to change equipment within your existing environment or are looking to adopt new technologies, NYCOM engineers can establish secure wired and wireless networks, to meet your exact requirements.

We’ve got over 25 years’ of experience setting up trusted, reliable and robust I.T. networks. We’ve worked across most industries and encountered practically every security and setup requirement. So whatever your needs are, we’re happy to help.

network services

Cloud Solutions

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.  NYCOM offers businesses a whole host of supported Cloud Services and solutions to enhance your business goals and objectives.  We provide secure, scalable solutions that benefit companies by streamlining operations, speeding up performance, enabling remote working and multiple site management all while maximising your I.T. budget.

Switching to Cloud based solutions drives improved collaboration, productivity, security and in turn, revenue.

Workshop Services

If your PC or laptop is physically damaged, showing software errors, viruses, or perhaps it simply needs a health check or performance upgrade, call in at our friendly Workshop based at our offices at Clifton Moor.  Our team of I.T. experts will diagnose the problem and provide a cost effective solution at quickly as possible.

workshop repairs

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