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...so you don't have to!

NYCOM has been providing computer services in the York area since 1993, to put that into context, in April of that Year there were only 50 servers in existence controlling the content available on the World Wide Web!

We are one of York’s largest and longest established computer and IT support companies in the area (if the not THE). Our MD, Jim Swift cut his teeth on the good old Amstrads whilst some of the other team members were just a mere twinkle in their father’s eye! This eclectic mix means we have a wide range of knowledge and experience in the team.

We offer a full range of computer related services, from simply supplying a new laptop or PC fully loaded and ready to roll, to planning a complete IT infrastructure for multi based companies. We keep things simple when talking to clients – no jargon, just straight forward chat you can understand. We’ll explain what the best solutions for you are and why, so you know what you can expect and what you are paying for.

As well as supplying IT supplies, we also offer various computer maintenance packages, from simple emergency fixes to on-going around the clock support, maintenance and computer upgrade packages. We’ll explain what the best solutions are so you know what you can expect and what you are paying for.

At our Clifton Moor offices in York, we even have a drop in A&E department for poorly computers, you can leave your laptop, PC or printer with us on your way to work and we’ll fix it in our workshop for you as quick as we can – all depends on how poorly it is! We offer a “Fixed Fee Computer Fix” so you don’t get a nasty shock when you pick it up.

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So why do our clients choose to work with us?

Here at NYCOM we offer more than just I.T. services, we offer reliability, stability, and fundamentally trust.  Our clients not only choose us but stay with us because since we started in 1993, we do what we say we will.

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