About nycom

Established in 1993, Nycom is a privately owned I.T company based in York. We are York's largest Computer Support & Service Centre and from this ideal central location we can support businesses of all sizes. We help our clients to plan, install, maintain and develop their I.T. infrastructure. In simple terms, if itís a computer or peripheral we can supply and support it.

What makes us different is that we speak "English", not "techno". The reason we've been growing successfully since 1993 is that we work with businesses to assist, diagnose & agree what they need, explain it in terms that we both understand and then implement it without problems.

We are networking and security experts, so understand the evolving needs of today’s businesses. Our first step tends to be an I.T. audit – where are you now, where do you want to be, and how can we get there together.

Our York Office has a Computer Repair Workshop Service Centre. Just bring your broken Computer, Laptop or Printer to our workshop and our Engineers will fix all your computer problems for a modest fixed fee.


Services we provide:

Business I.T. Computer Support Contracts
Domestic I.T. Computer Support
Computer Support & Service Centre
Support for your I.T. Manager
Pay as you go I.T. Computer Support
Server supply & setup
Laptops & Workstation Supply & Setup
Hosting & Virtualisation Specialists
Smart Business Finance
Online Backup Solutions
Traditional Backup Solutions
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Solutions
Tested & Certified Network Cabling Installations
Business Hotspot & WiFi Solutions
Internet Connection Solutions
Managed Firewalls
Business Site-to-Site Connections Specialists
Office moves & relocation services
I.T. Consultancy Services
Complete I.T. system Audits
Security Audits

If its not listed, we probably do it too

Why not act now Ė click here to contact us, or put a face, well a voice anyway, to a company and give us a call on 01904 653383

nycom's clients

Fancy reading a list of the types of clients we have? Youíre in luck! Whatís more, click below to see a quote from one of those clients...happy days!

  • Accountants

    Nycom understands my business needs. I like the fact that they support my I.T. without trying to sell me unnecessary equipment. I can trust them.

  • Candlestick makers

    OK, we made this up.

    Sorry but at least we resisted butchers and bakers

  • Clothing manufacturers

    From small local jobs, to international office support, the Nycom team is always there, when we need them. They support our internal I.T. team and provide expertise as and when we need them.

  • Doctors

    Our maintenance contract gives us the peace of mind that our I.T. budget for the next 12 months won't contain nasty surprises!

  • Dentists

    Always a delight to deal with - we trust Nycom with all of our I.T. needs.

  • Hotels

    Nycom has supported us for over ten years. Our needs have grown as the hotel has expanded and Nycom is there to help us every step of the way.

  • Solicitors

    With Nycom on board, I can take I.T. off the list of things I need to worry about.

  • Shops

    Nycom knows what we need. They provide us with the expertise to solve any I.T. problems we have.

  • Zoos [hmmÖour A-Z came a cropper at S. Still, we work with lots of companies!]